Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Legitimate and Honest Work At Home Jobs-Honest Riches 2 by Holly Mann-Free Review

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Actually I was finding Honest ways to make money online. Also found millions of sites regarding make money online. As I am very SKEPTIC , so could not decide which one to go for. After some brain storming I found three of them are really good at Legitimate and Honest work at home Jobs arena.

  1. Ewen Chia’s Newbie Money Machine
  2. Mike Filsaime’s Carbon Copy Marketing
  3. Honest Riches 2 By Holly Mann

Then I did some more deep research and found Honest Riches 2 by Holly Mann was above them all. Because in Holly’s main site I did not find any fancy sales letter and she has also putted her family pictures to show the world that Holly Mann is really honest.

So I went for that to purchase and thanked myself that I have used my brain to choose Honest Riches 2 that time.

I could have been given you that for free but it is still in for sale and I can’t violate the Terms and conditions.

But I can give you a sample of that as- Review/Pre-view of Honest Riches 2.

This book is the cheapest one you can find in terms of teaching honest ways to make money online legally.We all know anything cheapest is not the best every time but Holly broke that myth too.

This is 95 pages with no fluff and no hype book. It shows exactly how to start and where to find Legitimate and honest work at home Jobs for them who are really on a tight budget. She says that this is the Step-By-Step guide but I will say it is the way (blue-print) exactly how Holly achieved her success.

Chapter Covered:

  1. In the first chapter Holly will warn you to be prepared for your Tax paperwork. Because if you don’t do that for now, then you can be in trouble later. It also tells you to get your Business Identity.

  1. Very interesting chapter. Totally devoted to Affiliate Marketing. After reading this I came to know about the difference between Independent Affiliate Program and Affiliate Network with understandable chart. It also shows which affiliate network to join for those who are from restricted graphical location

  1. Third chapter is core Research. Here Holly Mann recommends very hard her life changing Tool Word Tracker to use. It is not free, though it has very quality features to find which keyword to target your market. You can try the trial version of this awesome tool. It’s not the end at all because in this chapter you will come to know about several Niche finding tools which are free. And she also explains how to use click bank’s market place.

  1. Fourth chapter is for me the pick of this e-book. Because it shows you honest ways to make money online without a website. This is a must must have for anyone who are starting with a tight budget. It reveals the techniques to use Classified ads, Forums, Writing product reviews which will earn you Residual Income for life.

This will take you by hand even by giving you List of directories to post your article.

  1. This chapter may be boring but an usefull one. It explains how to design your website and upload that for different purpose. And even you can have your own Auction site like e-bay.

If you use Holly’s web hosting package which she promotes as an affiliate then you are there to have your professional looking website for FREE. Also you will have lots of Ideas and Free tools to brainstorm and use yourself.

  1. The sixth chapter will blow you away because I never thought about that before. It will save you money to buy usefull soft wares by providing Free Open Source. It has really helped me a lot. And lots of free links are there to act.

  1. In this chapter Holly shows you how to Create Content. She also explains how to use Google Adsense for additional income. Pretty effective.

  1. This is the chapter where Holly explains in detail and step-by-step on how to use Search Engines to gain high ranking . She also reveals which Keyword your competitors using . Even you can also track you competitors back links. You will also get a huge list of article directories to submit your article so that you can get huge back links which Google loves.These directories are shown with page rank for you to submit. This is really an awesome chapter with extreme detail and step-by-step format.

  1. In the 9th chapter Holly explains how you can create opt-in-list so that you can promote your product again and again and also run the business on Auto-pilot.Because Money is in the List.

  1. Now comes the advertising part of your business. Holly explains here how to use Google PPC, though she is not highly recommending it. Because if you don’t use that properly then your pocket will be empty in no time. Holly Mann emphasizes more on the free advertising part which really helps the beginners.Holly honestly shows with example what method she uses to get real traffic even within 48 hours.

  1. Incredible chapter where Holly Mann explains in real step-by-step to create your own e-book like Honest Riches 2 to keep the full profit yourself. Must Read for all.

  1. This bonus chapter is a short explanation of using e-bay to promote your website. Little explanation on Drop-shipping and list of honest drop-shippers.

Holly Mann writes in a fashion is like that she is taking you by hand and explaining one-to-one…. How to find legitimate and honest work at home jobs, how to become Honest rich, how to dominate your niche, how to find and place right keyword, how to optimize SEO, how to build your list, how to create your own e-book and advertise for free in step-by-step format.

Honest Riches 2 by Holly Mann is different from all by targeting newbies with real step-by-step tutorial and for that she is named by a fellow marketer as the Mother Teresa of Internet marketing.

Positive Things:

1. Honest and real step-by-step method for Newbies.

2. Detailed explanation on SEO optimization.

3. Reveals free techniques, pretty usefull for those

are on tight budget.

4. Free open source links.

5.High page rank list of article directories.

6. Free website creation technique by using Joomla,Wordpress.

7. Complete guide to create an e-book.

8. How to use seasonal opportunity. Lots of free Links and Ideas.

9. How to pre-pare for tax paperwork.

10. Above of them all is forum. Where you put your question and even Holly Mann herself will answer your question. Thumbs Up!

Negative Things:

1. Very short explanation of using e-bay.

2. Short explanation of using Drop-shipping.

3. It could have been gold mine for all if she was able to give any

quality free Auto responder service.


This is really great for Intermediate marketers and MUST have for beginners. Because Holly Mann emphasizes specially on free methods. It is a goldmine. It has really changed my life (hopefully it will do for you too). I can’t stress it enough.

My Advice:

If you follow Holly’s step-by-step in Honest Riches 2 then you can’t quit with out earning dollars. This is an ultimate honest ways to make money online. No need to further brainstorm about where to find legitimate and honest work at home jobs.
And also forget the word TRY. Because fact is that either you will do or Not.


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